Meaning Representations

Note: This course will begin on Tuesday, May 5. The course currently conflicts with “Semantic Theory,” so we will likely adjust the time slot before the start of the semester that allows students to take both courses. If we cannot meet physically this summer semester due to the measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the seminar will take place via video conference.

If you are interested in attending the course, please send me an email by April 24 (see contact page) with information about your CS and linguistics background, specifically with regards to semantics. I will then contact you in good time before the course begins with further details.

Course description (check back for updates on schedule and readings): This course will examine representations of meaning from psychological, linguistic, and computational perspectives. Topics will include formal theories and computational implementations of model-theoretic semantics (lambda calculus); situated and grounded representations of meaning; semantic grammars (CCG, dependency grammar); distributional representations of lexical meaning and its compositional extensions; and graph-based meaning representations. We will focus our discussions on (i) the nature of representations, (ii) how they satisfy the notion of compositionality, (iii) how they are used in inference or reasoning, and (iv) what NLP applications they are useful for.