My research interests bridge the areas of formal linguistics, computational linguistics, and Spanish language and literature.

Tense, Aspect, Modality, and Polarity in AMR

  • In collaboration with others, I have developed a system for the annotation of tense and aspect in Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR).
  • This project is now being extended to include modality, mood, negation, quantification, and scope.

AMR/Meaning Representations for Human-Robot Dialogue

  • In collaboration with colleagues at the Army Research Lab (ARL), I am working on using the AMR formalism as an interlingua for human-robot collaboration.
  • We have developed an annotation scheme to capture tense and aspect, speech acts, and spatial relations.

Compositional Semantic Parsing Across Graphbanks

  • In collaboration with a team at Saarland University, I am working on refining a compositional neural semantic parser that achieves competitive accuracies across a diverse range of graphbanks.
  • See Lindemann et al. (2019) for details.
  • Our team received 4th place overall, and 1st place on PSD, in the CoNLL 2019 Shared Task.

Morphosemantics of Spanish Gender

  • My dissertation investigates the relationship between morphological and semantic expression of gender, number, definiteness, and specificity, as evidenced through small (or “bare”) nominals.
  • This work includes research on the gradient semantic strength of gender as evidenced by nominal ellipsis structures. I have also done substantial research on the structure of coordination and how it may elucidate nominal concord processes, specifically closest conjunct agreement (CCA).